Group Dance Classes for Children and Adults

Mini Movers (ages 3-7)

Mini Movers ages 4-7 youth dance class Sheringham and North Walsham North Norfolk

Mini Movers classes introduce young participants to dance in a fun and exciting way. Mini Movers are introduced to the basic principles of dance through fun activities and dance based games. Participants learn about moving to music, coordination, how to dance safely and work in a group. They learn short energetic routines that are fun to perform. There are also opportunities to be creative, with tasks that ignite their imaginations. There are always lots of opportunities for participants to perform.

Contemporary Ballet (ages 3+)

These classes offer an introduction into the principles of ballet. Each week dancers will learn new ballet exercises, ranging from floor and barre work to choreography. Dancers will be introduced to ballet terminology and work on improving their posture, flexibility, strength, coordination and gracefulness. Dancers will work towards choreographed routines to perform.

Street Dance (ages 8-11)

Street dance class ages 8-11 Sheringham and North Walsham North Norfolk

These lessons offer a good introduction into street dance. Participants will learn about musicality, how to move safely, work within a group and be introduced to techniques that help them remember movement. Participants get the chance to learn set routines to popular music. Dancers are given an introduction to performance skills and are given regular opportunities to perform.

Creative Dance (ages 8-11)

Creative Dance About The Park

Creative dance classes offer dancers the chance to work creatively and learn how to make their own routines. Creative dance is all about having the freedom to try out ideas, explore movement and find their own personal style. Participants in this class are encouraged to be original, take creative risks and try new things. Dancers are given opportunities to share their creativity with others during performances.

Street Dance (ages 12-16)

Street dance class ages 12-16 Sheringham, North Walsham, North Norfolk

Dancers over 12 get the opportunity to learn routines to popular music, try out new moves and even create some of their own. Dancers work as a group to create interesting choreography as well as learning set choreography with Kelly. Participants are encouraged to challenge themselves through routines that push their dance ability and allow them to continually improve. Performance is a big part of street dance and the routines we learn throughout the year are always performed.

Contemporary Dance (ages 12-16)

Contemporary Dance Classes

Contemporary dance is an artistic and creative art form. It often relies on great dance technique as well as the ability to work with creativity and imagination. These classes give participants the tools needed to be able to create and perform contemporary dance routines. Participants learn about dance technique, gain an understanding of choreographic tools and also work on their performance skills. Dancers are encouraged to explore their creativity and work towards a personal dance style that is unique to them. Participants can share their hard work with lots of performance opportunities.

Elite Youth Dance Company

This is an audition only group. Elite Youth Dance Company are existing members of True Motion’s group classes. They work with contemporary and street dance styles to create dance pieces unique to them. There is a focus on creating and performing high quality dance therefore company classes offer advanced dance technique and performance skills. For more information see our Elite Youth Dance Company page.

Low Impact Dance Fitness (adults)

Senior ladies taking dance fitness lessons

These low impact classes are especially created for adults. Participants follow Kelly through a series of routines that develop coordination, balance, strength and stamina. Participants will develop their movement memory as well as their physical fitness. No experience is necessary, beginners welcome.

Dance Fitness (adults)

Kelly will lead you through a series of high energy routines which aim to develop coordination, stamina and core strength. Dance is a great way to improve your overall fitness and mental well being and most of all it’s lots of fun! These classes are aimed at people who want a fun workout that they can take at their own pace, so it’s as intense as you want it to be.


Mondays16:00 – 16:40Antingham Village Hall, North Walsham3 – 7Mini Movers£4.50
Mondays16:45 – 17:25Antingham Village Hall, North Walsham8 – 11Street Dance£4.50
Mondays17:30 – 18:25Antingham Village Hall, North Walsham12 – 16Street Dance£5
Tuesdays16:30 – 17:25Sports Pavilion, Sheringham Football Club, Sheringham3+Contemporary Ballet£5
Wednesdays10:30 – 11:30The Parish Hall, OverstrandAdultsLow Impact Dance Fitness£5
Wednesdays16:00 – 16:55Sports Pavilion, Sheringham Football Club, Sheringham8 – 11Street Dance£5
Wednesdays17:00 – 17:55Sports Pavilion, Sheringham Football Club, Sheringham8+Open Contemporary£5
Wednesdays18:00 – 18:55Sports Pavilion, Sheringham Football Club, Sheringham12 – 16Street Dance£5
Thursdays16:30 – 17:10Sports Pavilion, Sheringham Football Club, Sheringham3 – 7Mini Movers£4.50


North Walsham

Antingham Village Hall
Cromer Road
North Walsham
NR28 0NJ


The Parish Hall
The Londs
NR27 0PW


Sports Pavilion
Weybourne Road
NR26 8HF


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Absolutely fab!

Absolutely fab! My daughter loves her classes . Also we had True Motion for my sisters hen do. It was the best night. Highly recommend! (Facebook Review)
- Lindsey Kenny

There has never been a boring class!

I have been going for about 5 years and there has never been a boring class at True Motion, everyone in the group is so lovely and friendly, the classes are so enjoyable and the routines are so much fun to learn !!! (Facebook Review)
- Megan Robson

My daughter loves it!

My daughter goes to True Motion in Sheringham and absolutely loves her classes there. Kelly teaches them great routines and most of all my daughter has loads of fun! ( Review)
- Andrea M

Great For Building Confidence!

My oldest daughter has been going for 4 years and it shows as since Kelly has been teaching her she has the confidence to do her own dances It really is amazing how far she has come in 4 years because of Kelly My youngest daughter has been doing it for 6 months and she too has built her confidence and loves going every week! (Facebook Review)
- Laura Jefferson

Kelly - You're The Best!

Kelly is such a fantastic dance teacher, my daughter loves every minute spent in her classes! Kelly also joined me on my hen do and taught all my friends a fab dance to Beyonce, and then did a fantastic dance party for my daughter's birthday!! Kelly you're the best xx (Google Review)
- Emily Price

Loves Every Minute!

My daughter loves every single minute of dancing with Kelly at true motion, I couldn't recommend this fantastic dance teacher enough! Kelly you rock! (Facebook Review)
- Emily Harrison

My daughters confidence has grown!

Frankie has been going to true motion now for over two years and with Kelly's great encouragement, support, positive thinking and fab teaching Frankie's confidence has grown wonders through her dance and herself. Kelly organises some great dance shows to show off all those talents involved. I am so happy that Frankie found this fab dance school!! (Facebook Review)
- Lucy Allen

My daughter loves dancing!

My little girl started with True Motion around 6 months ago and she now loves her dancing so much she really looks forward to her weekly session. She has taken part in a couple of performances which have really helped her confidence and its great seeing her continue to develop every single week! (Facebook Review)
- Katy Gooch

My daughter loves every minute!

My daughter loves every minute of her dance classes with Kelly. She has developed her discipline, confidence and stamina and given her so much joy. Thanks you Kelly for your kindness, you are doing an amazing job. (Facebook Review)
- Joolz Gillespie

Best dance teacher around!

My little girl loves her dance lessons! Kelly is by far the best dance teacher around :) highly recommended! x (Facebook Review)
- Samantha Dawn

Keep up the great work!

Kelly is by far one of the nicest dance teachers around, she is able to bring out the very best in all children of all ages, giving them a truly fab experience, making each student feel important to the troupe, regardless of their ability. My daughter has been to other dance groups but chooses True Motion over them all - keep up the great work. (Facebook Review)
- Stacie Ives

Kelly is an awesome dance teacher

Tyler has been dancing with True Motion for a year and a half now and absolutely loves it! Kelly is an awesome dance teacher and Tyler has made some nice friends since being there, his confidence has bloomed and I love how dedicated he is to dancing. (Facebook Review)
- Kim Weekes

Dance is LIFE!

Kelly has been teaching my eldest daughter for 2 years now and my youngest for nearly a year and well what can I is not just about going to class on a Wednesday and Thursday dance has literally become LIFE in my house! Both my girls have attended other dance schools in Norfolk and nothing compares to True Motion. Kelly has such an amazing way of teaching children and my girls simply adore her and aspire to be just like her. True motion has not only given my girls confidence but a passion for dance, opportunities to perform in lots of shows including professional ones and most of all a fun environment to make friends and show their individual creativity!! Thank you so much Kelly for all that you do Xx (Facebook Review)
- Natalie Giugno

Lucky to be a part of this group

My daughter has been having dance lessons with true motion dance for over a year, her dance teacher is Kelly as she is amazing. The time and dedication she puts in to choreographing each dance, the patience she has with the dancers helping them to learn all the moves, and they all think the world of her. My daughter is so lucky to be part of this fantastic group! (Facebook Review)
- Paula Fraser

I highly recommend True Motion Dance

Kelly teaches my daughter both Street Dance and Creative Dance. She loves the classes and always comes home with a spring in her step. Kelly is really nice and has a great way of engaging with those she teaches. I highly recommend True Motion Dance. (Facebook Review)
- Lesley Little

Highly recommended.

My daughter currently goes to True Motion Classes. Kelly is a really good teacher, who motivates her students. The children have opportunities to perform in public and the choreography is always creative and enjoyable. Highly recommended. (Facebook Review)
- Yvonne May

Highly recommend!

My daughter has been going to street dance and creative for a few weeks now and loved it from the first lesson. We received a very friendly and helpful welcome from Kelly. Would highly recommend this group. (Facebook Review)
- Lizzy Jane