Group Dance Classes Sheringham

Mini Movers

(ages 3-7)

Mini Movers classes introduce young participants to dance in a fun and exciting way. Mini Movers are introduced to the basic principles of dance through fun activities and dance based games. Participants learn about moving to music, coordination, how to dance safely and work in a group. They learn short energetic routines that are fun to perform. There are also opportunities to be creative, with tasks that ignite their imaginations. There are always lots of opportunities for participants to perform.

Creative Ballet

(ages 3-7)

These classes introduce our youngest dancers to the principles of ballet, and allow them to learn the foundations of dance technique. Each week dancers will learn new ballet exercises, ranging from floor and barre work to choreography. Dancers will be introduced to ballet terminology and get lots of opportunities to be creative and share their ideas as well. Dancers will work towards choreographed routines to perform.

Contemporary Ballet

(ages 8+)

These classes offer dancers the opportunity to develop their understandings of ballet and contemporary dance, with an emphasis on dance technique. Each week dancers will learn new ballet and contemporary exercises, ranging from floor and barre work to choreography. Dancers will progress in their understanding of ballet terminology and work on improving their posture, flexibility, strength, coordination and gracefulness. Dancers will work towards choreographed routines to perform and will be given the opportunity to create some of their own movement.

Street Dance

(ages 8-11)

These lessons offer a good introduction into street dance. Participants will learn about musicality, how to move safely, work within a group and be introduced to techniques that help them remember movement. Participants get the chance to learn set routines to popular music. Dancers are given an introduction to performance skills and are given regular opportunities to perform.

Open Contemporary Dance

(ages 8+)

Contemporary dance is an artistic and creative art form. It often relies on great dance technique as well as the ability to work with creativity and imagination. These classes give participants the tools needed to be able to create and perform contemporary dance routines. Participants learn about dance technique, gain an understanding of choreographic tools and also work on their performance skills. Dancers are encouraged to explore their creativity and work towards a personal dance style that is unique to them. Participants can share their hard work with lots of performance opportunities.

Street Dance

(ages 12+)

Dancers over 12 get the opportunity to learn routines to popular music, try out new moves and even create some of their own. Dancers work as a group to create interesting choreography as well as learning set choreography with Kelly. Participants are encouraged to challenge themselves through routines that push their dance ability and allow them to continually improve. Performance is a big part of street dance and the routines we learn throughout the year are always performed.

Youth Dance Company

(ages 11-21)

This is an audition only group. Elite Youth Dance Company are existing members of True Motion’s group classes. They work with contemporary and street dance styles to create dance pieces unique to them. There is a focus on creating and performing high quality dance therefore company classes offer advanced dance technique and performance skills. For more information see our Elite Youth Dance Company page.


Tuesdays16:30 – 17:25Sports Pavilion, Sheringham Football Club, Sheringham3 – 7Creative Ballet£5.50
Tuesdays17:30 – 18:25Sports Pavilion, Sheringham Football Club, Sheringham8 – 12Contemporary Ballet£5.50
Wednesdays16:00 – 16:55Sports Pavilion, Sheringham Football Club, Sheringham8 – 11Street Dance£5.50
Wednesdays17:00 – 17:55Sports Pavilion, Sheringham Football Club, Sheringham8+Open Contemporary£5.50
Wednesdays18:00 – 18:45Sports Pavilion, Sheringham Football Club, Sheringham12 – 16Street Dance£5.00
Thursdays16:15 – 16:55Sports Pavilion, Sheringham Football Club, Sheringham3 – 7Mini Movers£5.00
Thursdays17:00 – 18:30Sports Pavilion, Sheringham Football Club, Sheringham11+Youth Company£9

Class Location

The Clubhouse
Weybourne Road
NR26 8HF